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Now, we will introduce several precautions that should be followed in the process of mounting silicon carbide nozzles:
a. Nozzles should be mounted after the pressure test and scouring of the system is qualified.
b. It’s better to mount nozzles by special elbows and tee joints.
c. Nozzles cannot be disassembled, assembled and changed during installation, and are prohibited from being attached with any decorative coatings.
d. Nozzles should be mounted by special wrenches, and are prohibited from being screwed by nozzle frames; nozzles should be replaced with those of the same specifications and models when the frames and splash discs of nozzles deform or release original damages.
e. When the nominal diameter of nozzles is less than 10mm, filters should be mounted on main distribution pipes or distribution pipes.
f. Nozzles mounted at positions easy to damage mechanically should be equipped with nozzle protection covers.
g. During installation of nozzles, the distance between splash discs and ceilings, doors, windows, holes or walls should meet the design requirements.
h. When the splash discs of nozzles are higher than nearby beam bottom or higher than ventilating pipe ventral side with the width of less than 1.2m, the max vertical distance between the splash discs of nozzles and beam bottom or ventilating pipe ventral side should accord with the stipulations of relevant standards.
i. When the width of ventilating pipes is more than 1.2m, nozzles should be mounted at the position lower than the ventral side.
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